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Pre Qualified Investment Leads

Bespoke service and data exclusively for your company

Our Services

Lead Generation

We provide every client with qualified, bespoke leads designed to seamlessly integrate into your current inbound marketing strategy. Every lead we supply has the highest quality assurance with all leads briefed on your services and willing to receive a call from your sales team.

As part of our commitment to quality and exclusivity, our team is fully versed in every client´s unique products and services prior to lead generation. We work using our advanced database and extensive industry connections to guarantee a wide scope, filter relevant contacts and access the strongest qualified leads on the market today.

We offer a transparent end-to-end service with full call notes and recordings available on request. All data is fully clean and industry-compliant, with every potential lead checked against the relevant Telephone Preference Service before the call is placed.

Data Cleansing

In our fast-moving modern world, both personal and company data are constantly changing due to relocation, house moves, divorce and death. This is why up-to-date, fully verified data is such a valuable commodity.

Our first-class data cleansing services will save you and your business time and money by ensuring you reach the right people the very first time. With fresh, relevant data, you can spend your time developing your business to its full potential and building relationships with a steady network. Staying ahead in the data game will maximise your response rates, enhance your brand reputation and ensure compliance with best practice guidelines.


Inle Group offers first-class lead generation, data cleansing and email marketing services to a diverse range of companies and industries.

Our tailored, cost-effective solutions are designed to enhance your individual inbound marketing strategies.We provide the highest quality investor leads on a regular or occasional basis, designed to fulfil every brand´s short- and long-term goals and campaigns.

Drawing on decades of experience and knowledge in the lead generation industry, our expert team will help your company to hit and exceed sales targets.

Contact us today for more information on how we can make your company stand out from the crowd.

Our Services